Vicki Rice
AJ Cook as Vicki Rice.


Vicki Rice.

Also Known As:


Appeared In:

Mother's Day (2011).



Cause of Death:

Stabbed repeatedly in the stomach with a large hunting knife by her best friend, Jenna Luther, during an ultimatum.



Other Relationships:

Jenna Luther (Best Friend)

Portrayed By:

AJ Cook.

Vicki Rice is a young woman who, along with her best friend, Jenna Luther, had the misfortune to cross paths with Izaak Koffin.


About a half hour into the movie, Natalie Koffin instructs all of her unwitting hostages to get out their ATM cards and write down their PIN numbers. She then sends out her son, Izaak Koffin, with Beth Sohapi, one of the hostages, to go out and withdraw as much money from the cards as they can.

Once Izaak and Beth arrive at the bank, they immediately begin to withdraw all the money that they can from the cards. While they are in the process of withdrawing money, another car pulls up right behind them, and two young, obnoxious women get out and begin to wait patiently behind them. Meet Vicki Rice and Jenna Luther. Both women appear to be drunk. Eventually, the two girls grow impatient and begin to complain, not knowing that Beth is withdrawing money from about nine cards. Eventually, Beth drops all of the cards, and the two girls begin to tease her. Izaak turns, clearly annoyed with these two young ladies. After picking up all of the cards, she turns, trying to warn them that Izaak has a gun on them. Neither of the two ladies understand what Beth is trying to tell them, so she eventually blurts it out.


"I'm not going to do anything. You are."

Now that the two girls know that Izaak has a gun on him, they try to run back to their car, but he catches them and forces them both to get down on their knees. He then whips out his hunting knife, tossing down in front of them. He tells them that the one that kills the other gets to live. Both girls are hesitant and beg for him to spare their lives, but then he begins to count down.

Eventually, Vicki gives in and picks up the knife and lunges forward, trying to stab Jenna with it. Jenna tries desperately to keep the knife away, begging for Vicki to put the knife down. After a few seconds, Vicki finally gives up, throwing the knife back down.

Izaak then points his gun over at Jenna's head, ready to shoot when suddenly Jenna picks up the knife and begins to repeatedly stab Vicki in the stomach while Beth watches on in horror.